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Mayhem Arsenal's Begining

Starting in the early 1990’s owner Clyde Wilson started Coastal Gun and later Coastal Gun Inc.  Building silencers for the firearms industry.  At that time while testing silencers we realized that there were a lot of factory rifles that fell way short in accuracy.  So we built, on a small scale, custom rifles for a lot of our customers.  With the gaining momentum of the PRS competition there is a great demand for high quality rifles. 

Our goal is to build a quality rifle at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to build a great rifle at a reasonable price without ever sacrificing quality.  All rifles are guaranteed to shoot .5 MOA with premium match ammunition.  Most do far better than that!

We specialize in rifles for PRS or Precision Rifle Series rifles.  Long range rifles are our specialty.  But it does not stop there.  We also build custom hunting rifles for those that want to reach out for game at long ranges.  Builds are on Blueprinted Remington 700 actions and our own action built for us by Defiance Machine. 

We use only high quality components

We use only high quality components such as:

Barrels- Bartlien, Kreiger, and Schneider
Stocks-McMillan, Cadex, and Manners
Triggers-Jewell, Cadex, and Timney

And it does not stop there.  We also machine our own 20 MOA steel rails and all muzzle brakes.

Most builds run about 2-6 months if we have to order special stocks, chassis’s, or barrels.  We do stock a lot of parts so build times can be as short as 30 days.

Give us a call for your next rifle build project.